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Ramblings - my life

Just some ramblings --- I can tell how this week is going to go!  I went out to feed the birds today and discovered my bird feed had been looted.  A small hole had been chewed at the bottom of the shed door and then the little critter(s) decided to chew a hole in the plastic container I keep peanuts in. I have a list of suspects – it may have been the squirrels. I have a squirrel feeder that I put the peanuts in. It keeps the squirrels away from the bird feeders.

My main suspects however are the chipmunks. The initial hole in the door is pretty small and I doubt if the squirrels could get in there. The chipmunks however are another issue. Especially since one chipmunk already got into the bird seed before. Earlier this year I went out to feed the birds and took the lid off the plastic container only to find a chipmunk looking up at me.  I screamed and he chipped and jumped out of the bucket and ran into my garage.

Almost two years ago I wrote a White Collar fic – Peter vs the Chipmunk. I now feel I may have to write a sequel based on my own experiences with the ones around my yard!