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Seven Days of Self Promotion - Day One

A meme taken from numerous talented writers and artists in the White Collar fandom.

          The Days:
           1. Something old
           2. Something new - talk about a new fanwork of yours!
          3. Something you made for someone else
          4. Something you made just for yourself
          5. Something for a large fandom/pairing/character
          6. Something for a small fandom/pairing/character
          7. Something you're just really proud of

Day 1 – Something Old

I started reading fanfic in 2011 and became absorbed in it – especially the White Collar fandom. In 2012 I decided to try and write fanfiction.

My first story was an episode tag to Pulling Strings called The Haunting Doll – it is the story of how El’s Little Miss No Name doll came into her life. I had not attempted writing anything in over two decades and it took me two months to put the story together. The tale didn’t come out too bad --- at some point in time I will probably clean it up a little bit.

I still remember how excited and terrified I was to post the story – I don’t think that’s changed much. I still get a rush every time I finish a story.


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Jul. 22nd, 2014 10:53 am (UTC)
I missed it the first time around, glad that you posted it again.
Creepy doll!!!
Jul. 22nd, 2014 01:02 pm (UTC)
That doll is so very creepy, makes you wonder why anyone would have wanted one!
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