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White Collar 6 x 06 - Au Revior

Thinky and not so thinky thoughts in regards to the White Collar - Au Revoir.

I really felt I needed to rewatch the episode after reading other people’s opinions – I seem to read the end different than most people.

My key point is that I think Moz knew the plan. There are primarily four reasons why I feel this way:
1.      In Borrowed Time Moz is delivering a mannequin to Neal’s apartment (although it is a different mannequin than in the finale). Moz doesn’t know the FBI is in the apartment and starts saying something along the lines of it’s a perfect resemblance, but …..   At that time he realizes the FBI is there and tries to leave. So Neal and Moz had something already planned using a mannequin – according to the interrogation between Peter and Moz it’s for the ‘future’
2.      Also in Borrowed Time Moz insists Neal would not leave without him.
3.      The shooting in Au Revoir, Moz is above ground, but hears the shot. He stops but keeps going forward. Neal’s not a killer, so why didn’t Moz go back and check on Neal?
4.      This is the BIG one – Moz had the 23 billon dollars when Neal ‘died’. I can’t see Neal leaving that much money behind – ever!

Which brings me to why Mozzie shows up one year later. I think Neal wanted Peter to know he was still alive. Moz leads Peter in all the right directions to point to the container and then left the playing card behind.

My only final thought was that when Moz told Peter his name was Teddy Winters (Mozzie’s real name) it made me wonder if Neal had gone back to his real name – Neal Bennett.

And yes I am still made at Neal, but not for disappearing, but for putting Peter in danger. Saying Neal left to protect his loved ones doesn’t exactly play out – he would be protecting June since Woolford did show up at her home.

But Peter is not being protected. The Pink Panthers didn’t know the FBI agent until Neal dragged him into the gang. Now Peter is the one to testify in court and the Woolford knows who he actually is – this will put him in more danger than if he was just the arresting agent.

Any thoughts?   Please feel free to shoot holes in my theories – the show left me a little confused.  Not that I didn’t like the ending – the chase begins again. Peter chasing Neal is always a lot of fun :D


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Dec. 21st, 2014 04:45 pm (UTC)
Mozzie's pain feels way to real to me.
That scene at the morgue? It wasn't an act. Nor was the conversation with Peter in the street.
Mozzie really thought Neal was dead. Until, like Peter, he got a clue that led him to the container - just before Peter.
Dec. 21st, 2014 05:22 pm (UTC)
I agree it does feel 'real', but at the same time I keep thinking in the back of my mind that Moz is also a conman - and a good one.

I love the show and these characters so much, but for some reason this part of the episode doesn't seem to add up for me.

Moz may not have known and spent the year looking for answers.
Dec. 21st, 2014 05:47 pm (UTC)
Just a quick comment on Neal protecting the people he loves...I think he *was*, and that includes Peter. First, the original plan wasn't for Peter to be part of the gang. Secondly, I think the point is that the Panthers would have gone after Peter because of his connection to Neal, and not because he caught them. If Peter is in danger now as the FBI agent who caught the Panthers, then that would have been true in the original version of the plan too. But I think there's a difference between being a gang member who betrays the gang and being an FBI agent, even an undercover one who infiltrated the gang. We were never given the impression that the Panthers would have everyone in the FBI who worked on their case killed, but that they would go after everyone close to Neal when they found out that he was a "rat."

At least that's my take.
Dec. 21st, 2014 06:09 pm (UTC)
I do agree that I think his original intent was to protect the people he cares about and it was convenient to disappear and start again. I think there was more killing in this case than usual for the show. Luc, Woolford’s number one man and Keller all reaching violent ends – the Panthers just seem a hostile group. It would have been too easy for Woolford to just shoot Peter (and yes I was mad at Peter too for putting himself in that situation). I think the violence of the last two episodes kind of got to me.
Dec. 22nd, 2014 09:38 am (UTC)
RE: My views on your views concerning "Au Revoir" :D
Hello there,

At the time of the Mannequin episode, I don't think Mozzie was aware of Neal's plan to get rid of Keller. Neal kept him at arms length for most of the time, much to Mozzie's frustration. I think the scene with the mannequin was Mozzie fulfilling a request of Neal's and nothing else. However, when it came to the showdown, I think Mozzie had figured some things out. I think the gunshot had him worried for Neal but I also think he's aware Neal will protect himself with a gun if the need arises, and Neal has proven he will use a gun in the past, most notably when he shoots Keller in the leg when Keller and Peter were fighting; after El had been kidnapped. So Mozzie could have been thinking that Neal had been forced to shoot to either wound Keller or kill him. I don't think Mozzie would have believed Neal would have let Keller close enough to disarm him.

Neal had his stash for such emergencies, so he wouldn't be without money and he fully trusts Mozzie no matter the amount involved. Maybe it was also a nod to Mozzie because Nela has know he'd sacrificed the billion dollar German U Boat hoard to save Elizabeth.

I think Peter had always viewed Mozzie as someone who accepted him because Neal did, so when Neal "died" he wasn't surprised Mozzie kind of disappeared and I think Mozzie hadn't been around because he also needed a period of mourning - and it wouldn't surprise me that he would want to do that alone. However I do think that on the day Peter sought him out, Mozzie was fully aware of Neal's existence and he purposefully left the Queen of Heart's clue for Peter to find later on - along with the bottle of Bordeaux.

Given Neal's feelings concerning his real father, James Bennett, I'm not sure Neal would revert to his real name. I think if anything he might be using Neal Brooks or Danny Brooks, his name while in WITSEC, or even Neal Parker as a homage to Ellen, since he'd taken Caffrey his mother's maiden name as an alias and as an homage to her.

To be honest, I'm pretty much pissed at Neal for how he treated Peter in this last episode. He knowingly, willingly and purposefully placed him up front and centre in a whole heap of danger simply because he needed Mozzie on the outside to siphon the 30 million dollars from the Pink Panthers - that seems cold, callous and incredibly selfish to me.

I'm also pissed at him because he took an entire year before letting anyone know he was in fact alive. Nothing's changed from a year before, other than the Pink Panthers being sentenced. They are still alive and given Keller's warnings they are still capable of exacting revenge on anyone on the outside, and, as you say, Peter would have to again be up front and centre during the trial since he was the only viable living witness to what went down. There is no logical reason why Neal could not have let Peter and Mozzie know of his existence under an alias, as he was I assume doing in the final episode, soon after he'd fled - that he didn't and he waited a year before letting them know also appears cold, callous and incredibly selfish to me.

Lastly, I don't think the chase is on. I think it would only be a chase to bring Neal home. Neal's contract with the FBI granted him freedom the moment the Pink Panther Gang were in custody, so Neal Caffrey is a free man right now. Sure they could wrangle it and claim that Neal Caffrey is dead, but then by that same Law Mozzie, Peter and Neal could argue that whatever alias Neal goes by now is not responsible for any of the crimes that were "allegedly" committed by Neal Caffrey - they could also argue that since Neal Caffrey is dead, then Neal has no reason to work for the FBI in any capacity and he cannot be threatened with Prison or the anklet, so, either way, Neal is a free man to do what he pleases.

But yeah, overall, I'm still pissed at Neal and if things had been played with everyone in mind and not just "Neal Caffrey's Greatest Con" I don't think Peter would have been smiling at the end of the episode, I think he would have been two-ing and fro-ing from being overwhelmingly happy that Neal's alive to being extremely pissed at him - and a tad annoyed with Mozzie for playing him whilst he'd been admitting his continued heartache at Neal's passing.
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