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Bingo Card

Another Bingo Card:

Rainstorm Curtainfic Deities and Followers Secret Identity Empathy
Fear / Terror Feudal Ties / Master and Servant Kitchen Junk Drawer Maps Sunrise / Sunset
Anhedonia (Lack of Pleasure) Objects of Art Wild Card Heart on Sleeve Oaths / Promises
Summertime (and the Livin' is Easy) It was a Dark and Stormy Night Early Morning Team Mates Day-in-the-life
Autumn Slice of Life Pack Trapped! A Gentle Fall of Rain

There is a lot of pretty, shiny squares.

You all know the drill --- please prompt away :D



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Dec. 13th, 2015 02:29 pm (UTC)
Oooh, shiny, shiny, indeed :D

You have two squares that I have filled for my previous Gen card - rainstorm and gentle fall of rain = http://kanarek13.livejournal.com/105716.html So if by any chance you feel inspired to write fills based on my fills, that's always awesome :D

It was a Dark and Stormy Night - for some reason this makes me think of Neal all alone in his apartment, with a storm raging outside, maybe he's grieving for Kate or he's still shaken up after an op had gone wrong... or maybe he has to make a life-changing decision. So basically he's miserable or torn and doesn't know what to do... until Peter shows up :P (because of course Peter would drive all the way to Junes in the middle of the night and in a storm, hee)

Object of art - maybe post-series, Neal sending Peter hand-made postcards of all the interesting things he has seen. And of course the card are little masterpieces of art :D

Secret Identity - oooh, something we both love - Neal is one of the wingfolk and has been hiding it for as long as he can remember... and then of course something happens and Peter finds out :P

Summertime - Neal invites the Burkes to spend some time at the French Riviera :D
Dec. 13th, 2015 03:07 pm (UTC)
Kitchen drawer: Mozzie examines the Burke's drawer and finds something unexpected...
Dec. 13th, 2015 03:56 pm (UTC)
Curtainfic: instead of curtains, El drags Peter to go buy stuff for Little Neal. Reluctant at first, Peter suddenly finds all those tiny clothes and shoes too cute, and wants to buy everything.

Day-in-life and Slice of life: a typical day at the Burkes. Either week day (going to school/work) or weekend (inviting Neal and Mozzie over)

oath/promise: Neal Caffrey makes the promise to never disappear from Neal Burke's life

Secret Identity: Neal Burke discovers that Mozzie is Santa

Lack of pleasure: Mozzie doesn't find any pleasure in making new cons without Neal.
Dec. 14th, 2015 02:39 am (UTC)
Those look awesome, and I think you've already got a lot of great ideas suggested! I look forward to what you come up with :-)
Dec. 14th, 2015 07:06 am (UTC)
It was a Dark and Stormy Night- Neal Burke hates his first storm and Peter calms him down.
Secret Identity - Mozzie finds that Peter is a Super hero
Maps - treasure hunt with secret clues in a map
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