dennih23 (dennih23) wrote,

H/C Bingo 2016

Bingo time, the latest and greatest card!

scars corporal punishment stranded / survival scenario forced body modification secret identity discovered
heat exhaustion / heat stroke poisoning ostracised from society first transformation nervous breakdown
theft haunted WILD CARD forced to rely on enemy / rival survivor's guilt
allergic reaction broken bones bullet wounds falling accidents
brainwashing / deprogramming substance addiction toothache orphans backrubs / massages

I already have a story for the Scars square - just need to clean it up and post :D

Thinking about trying for a diagonal bingo -- scars to backrubs/massages.  Just need to get some ideas. Thinking more about Peter being the whumpee - Neal will be getting lots of bumps, bruises, and will be very accident prone in the upcoming months. Although I may have to beat him up a little bit too :D

If you have any thoughts and suggestions, I'm open to them --- need to get writing again!  I am sure someone is going to suggest a Wingfic for First Transformation :D Other than that one I haven't thought too much about the rest of the squares.

Tags: bingo cards
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