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White Collar Fic: Walk in the Park

Title:  A Walk in the Park
Author:  dennih23
Characters: Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey
Rating: G
Word Count:  1254
Beta:  sherylyn, all mistakes are mine
Disclaimer:  Characters do not belong to me
Summary: Peter and Neal are on the run from bad guys

Note:  For cookielaura for the collarcorner exchange

He was not going to live this one down. He was handcuffed, with his own cuffs. He hung his head, Jones and Diana were not going to let him forget this. El was going to laugh when she found out, finding humor in the situation. He let his mind wander when suddenly Neal slipped his hand into his.

Peter grimaced. “Neal, let go of my hand!” He tried jerking away, but Neal continued to hold his hand.

“Peter, we need to blend in. What better way than to appear as two lovers out for a walk.” Neal leaned into his handler and laid his head on the older man’s shoulder.

“I’m a happily married man, get away from me.”

“I’d love to; however, these are in the way.”  Neal rattled the wrist jewelry currently keeping the two attached.

Peter gave him a stern look. “I am not going to hold hands with you.” He tried moving away but didn’t get far before the handcuffs pulled on his wrist.

“I’m just trying to help. We’re in a town out of your jurisdiction; you don’t have your badge, your cell phone, or your gun, and you’re currently handcuffed to a known felon. If someone spots us, they’ll call the police.”

“So, what’s wrong with that, I’ll just explain the situation, and…”

Neal cut him off. “What, tell the nice, more than likely, corrupt officer, that we escaped from Mayer, the man who owns this town, who probably has every cop out looking for us?”

Peter stopped. “Okay, point taken. However, why do we need to hold hands?”

Neal rolled his eyes. “To help hide the handcuffs we’re currently wearing. Look, I’m not happy about this, either, but I think if we stay close enough and look like a couple in love, people may just leave us alone, at least until we can get to a pay phone and you can call in reinforcements.”

He hated to admit it, but Neal was right, most people looked at the two men holding hands and avoided eye contact; only a few people smiled at them. They were easily making their way through town.  He still wasn’t sure how they were going to get out of this mess, but getting to the nearest pay phone would help; so far, he’d been scanning the streets and hadn’t seen one.

Neal bumped into him. “There’s a park across the street, head over there.”

Peter let Neal take the lead as they headed to the crowded park. Some sort of event must have been scheduled as everyone seemed to be walking towards a stage. The two men blended in with the crowd and moved slowly through the grounds.

When they reached the far side of the common, Neal smiled and handed Peter a cell phone.

Now it was Peter’s turn to roll his eyes. “Neal, what did you do?”

“I found this, maybe you should call Diana, and then we can look for its owner.” Neal gave Peter a bright grin.

Peter shook his head. “I don’t promote you stealing things.”

Neal started to open his mouth, but Peter held up a finger.

“But this time, it’s probably going to save us.”

Diana answered on the first ring.  “Diana, it’s me.  Yeah, we ran into trouble. Mayer made us and we are currently on the run. Can you trace this call and get here quickly? Great, we’re in the center of town, in the park.”

Neal smirked. “Be sure to tell her to bring handcuff keys.”

Peter scowled at his partner and hung up the phone. “They’re on their way. We just have to avoid being caught again.”

The two men made their way back towards the stage and ducked behind it. Spotting a tree line, they moved in that direction in hopes of hiding out there. Whenever someone would appear to be watching them, Neal would lean into Peter and lay his head on the his shoulder. Peter would freeze momentarily, but then relax. Most of the people they ran across would walk past them.

“See, Peter, this is working, people are leaving us alone.” He grinned.

“I’ll admit, this is allowing us to move about, but not unnoticed. We’re still getting a lot more attention than we need. Someone just might consider telling the police about us.”

Neal noticed security guards heading in their direction. He started leading Peter in the opposite direction. “We’ve been noticed.” He nodded towards the men who were quickly approaching. “We need to get to the woods. We should be able to hide amongst the trees.”

They made their way back into the crowd and headed towards the wooded area. No one was following them so they relaxed and listened to the music coming from the bandstand as the music wafted over them.

As the concert ended and people began leaving, they noticed a string of sheriff and police vehicles blocking the exit. They were searching everyone as they left the area. Neal and Peter walked further into the woods, listening as they heard the men searching for them. The men were gaining ground behind them.

Peter stopped abruptly. Neal looked over at his partner. “What is it, Peter?”

“Listen, I hear sirens. It has to be FBI. Let’s see if we can get out to the other side of these trees and see if we can spot them.”

Neal agreed and the two men picked up their pace, sprinting down the path.

A gunshot rang through the air. “Don’t move.”

Both men stopped and turned around: three uniformed men were pointing guns at them. One of them spoke as he stepped forward. “Mayer is looking for you. Let’s go.”

The two men were forced towards the edge of the trees, but when they reached their destination, a voice shouted, “FBI, freeze.”

Mayer’s men looked up in surprise to see a half-dozen FBI agents standing next to their vehicles, guns drawn. They quickly dropped their guns, their lives being worth more than whatever Mayer had been paying them.

Jones shouted. “Are you two all right?”

Peter responded. “We’re good. Did you guys get Mayer?”

“Diana and Blake went to arrest him.  They should be checking in shortly.”

Peter held up his wrist, surprised that Neal was not on the other end of the handcuffs. He scowled at Neal. “Jones, please hand me your keys.” He was jiggling the cuffs. Jones let out a small laugh, and passed over the keys.

Peter quickly unlocked the cuffs and scanned the area for his wayward CI. He spotted Neal flirting with a beautiful woman. He watched as Neal handed her back her cell phone. She smiled at Neal and Peter shook his head as the stranger gave Neal her phone number.

Neal tipped his hat and headed back to where Peter was standing. Peter shook his head.

“Peter, what did I do?”

The agent smirked and pointed a finger at his CI. “You, you… I want to keep an eye on you. How come you didn’t break out of the handcuffs earlier?”

Neal beamed.  “Because I didn’t have this.” He held up a small bobby-pin.

“Where did you get that? No, never mind, I don’t want to know. Let’s just get out of here, I’ve had enough of this place.”

The two men headed toward the cars, Peter kept one hand on Neal’s shoulder. Sometimes his friend was a handful, but Neal was always resourceful. Peter smiled as they got in the car and headed off to arrest Mayer.


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Mar. 26th, 2018 04:12 pm (UTC)
Aww, handcuffed together and undercover as a couple, two of my favourite tropes! Lovely! And such a sweet ending with Peter putting his hand on Neal's shoulder! Thank you very much :)
May. 12th, 2018 07:31 am (UTC)
This was cute :)
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