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White Collar Fic: Drive Time

Title:  Drive Time
Author: dennih23
Characters:  Peter Burke, Diana Berrigan, Elizabeth Burke
Future Fic
Rating:  G
Word Count: 344

For the Slice of Life square on my Gen Prompt Bingo card

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Title: The FBI Agent and the Conman
Author: dennih23
Rating: G
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke
Word Count: 750

Author’s Note: Written for sholio's prompt at collarcorner – Peter & Neal, role reversal.  Also fills the Wild Card square on my Gen Prompt Bingo Card

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Bingo Card

Fresh new Gen Prompt Bingo card!

Summertime (and the Livin' is Easy) Dusk Wild Passions Day-in-the-life Sunshine and Blue Skies
Steadfast Action and Reaction Shopping Together Co-workers Partnership
Glorious Formidable Wild Card Weather Kids / Babies
Dark Tone Monsoon Vacations and Holidays Hurt / Comfort Regional Traits, Markers, and Culture (Welsh, Cockney, Bavarian, Deep South...)
The Oncoming Storm Cherished The Early Hours before Dawn Loss of Faith Conflicting Obligations / Oaths

I'm looking forward to getting back into writing.  I already have a couple of stories written that should fit some squares.

Please share any ideas and prompts.  


Happy Birthday pooh_collector

Happy Birthday pooh_collector.  May your day be filled with happiness!

winnie the pooh two


White Collar Fic: Stormy Night

Title: Stormy Night
Author: dennih23
Characters:  Peter, El, and Neal Burke
Rating:  G
Word Count: 459
Warnings:  Fluffy future fic
Summary:  Peter comforts his son during a storm
Disclaimer:  Characters are not mine; they belong to Jeff Eastin
Beta: sherylyn – thanks for your help, all mistakes belong to me

A/N:  For the It Was A Dark and Stormy Night Square on the Gen Prompt Bingo Card

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Happy Birthday Kanarek13

Wishing kanarek13 a very special birthday! Hope you are having an amazing day!   Thank you for inspiring all of us  ***hugs****

                                            minion birthday


Bingo Card

Another Bingo Card:

Rainstorm Curtainfic Deities and Followers Secret Identity Empathy
Fear / Terror Feudal Ties / Master and Servant Kitchen Junk Drawer Maps Sunrise / Sunset
Anhedonia (Lack of Pleasure) Objects of Art Wild Card Heart on Sleeve Oaths / Promises
Summertime (and the Livin' is Easy) It was a Dark and Stormy Night Early Morning Team Mates Day-in-the-life
Autumn Slice of Life Pack Trapped! A Gentle Fall of Rain

There is a lot of pretty, shiny squares.

You all know the drill --- please prompt away :D


Title: Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Author:  dennih23
Characters: Peter, El, Neal Burke; Mozzie, Neal Caffrey
Rating:  G
Word Count: 1932
Summary:  It’s Christmas and Neal Burke is afraid Santa won’t find him
Beta: sherylyn – thank you so much; all mistakes belong to me
Disclaimer:  All characters belong to Jeff Eastin

A/N:  For H/C Advent 2015, also fills the Toothache square on the H/C Bingo Card

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Because having two small dogs in the house wasn't enough. One of my friends needed to get rid of the dog. Her husband didn't want their dog, he didn't like it. In my opinion the man needs to be replaced, not the dog. Especially since he went out and got another dog -- something he wanted.

The dog had been a rescue, he is five years old and I am his fifth owner.  I took him on Thanksgiving Day and so far he is getting along with my other dogs. He is a sweetheart, mostly just likes to sit next to you and get his ears scratched. He loves riding in the car as you can see.

Copilot Monte

We were running errands including getting him a new collar (I did not like the one they had for him). He is a bagel (bassett hound / beagle cross --- there is also a little bit of corgi in him). He is mostly bassett hound and loves to lay around the house. Sleeping is his hobby.

Title: Black Water Rising
Author: dennih23
Rating: G
Characters: Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey
Word Count: 1307
Beta: sherylyn, all mistakes belong to me
Disclaimer: Nope, not mine, wish they were, but they belong to Jeff Eastin

Summary: Peter’s handcuffed to a pipe; Neal is unconscious.

A/N: written for Burke-Caffrey Day, also fills the Wild Card Square on my H/C Bingo Card

Idea and artwork courtesy of kanarek13 (what would this fandom do without her :D)

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